Abstract Submission:

Important Dates:

Deadline for Paper Abstracts Submission: November 30, 2013
Deadline for Full Papers Submission: January 31, 2014

Be part of the knowledge-sharing and submit your abstract for possible paper presentation at The National GIS Symposium in Saudi Arabia. The symposium tracks are:

New technologies and smart phones in support of GIS projects 1
Surveying, cartography, and laser technology in the development of topographic maps and 3D models 2
Education and graduate-level research in the field of GIS 3
GIS applications in the petroleum industry 4
Spatial Data Integration for disaster management, environmental monitoring and emergency response 5
GIS for sustainable development and humanitarian affairs 6
Municipal applications of GIS 7
GIS in communications and location-based services 8
Quality assurance and quality control of spatial data and the compliance with relevant standards 9
All interested parties are invited to submit their abstracts on-line by sending your abstract to: papers@saudigis.org. Please include the following information along with your abstract:
  • Name, affiliation, telephone number, and e-mail address of the author(s)
  • Brief biography of the presenting author
  • Keywords of the abstract
See: Submission Guidelines
  • No advertisement for services or products
  • abstracts/papers in both languages Arabic and English are accepted.
  • The abstract may not be longer than 250 words
  • No more than two abstracts can be submitted by the author(s) organization.
  • Only one abstract may be submitted per primary author.
  • Do not use bullet points, or all capital letters; the abstract you send will possibly used for symposium publishing purposes (e.g., Web site, agenda, CD-ROM).


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